Recipe: How to Make a Strawberry Pink Frappé

Would you believe, I first made this in December, 1998? Some recipes never date. It came to mind this summer when I sat in 44C heat, without power or air-conditioning except for one power point. The electrician couldn’t come that night. I needed something to cool me down, and provide some sustenance. I couldn’t cook…

Recipe: Broad Bean and Butter Bean Spread

It is easy to develop an aversion to Broad Beans. Prolific bearers and easy to grow, they are an easy choice for home gardeners and country kitchen gardens. Yet the poor bean is often misunderstood. Instead of being treated tenderly, cooks mistakenly overcooked them to a green-grey mush with a strong taste only masked by…

Recipe: North African Carrot Dip with Cumin

This is one of the many recipes to do the rounds of family and friends, still popular after all these years. Quite surprising this little dip. Watch the amount of honey that you put in if you have carrots that are especially sweet.

Recipe: Cabbage Thoran

Thorans are so easy and quick, stir fried vegetables with spices, Indian style. I love them a lot. This one makes cabbage taste like a royal vegetable.

Recipe: Two Rice Puddings

Who does not like a Rice Pud? There is something so comforting about them. I usually bake my first one for the year as cold weather sets in. I know that I have accepted the arrival of winter as soon as the first Rice Pudding is in the oven.

Recipe: Mascarpone and Gorgonzola Torte

I can remember the days when Marscapone was not well known and Gorgonzola impossible to get. Today, both cheeses are almost passe, the fashion has passed. But still, I love them both, particularly together.

Indian Essentials: Tea for Rainy Weather or a Runny Nose | Ayurvedic Infusion | Pitta Tea

I like to drink a cuppa tea a day. It can be anything, white, green, brown, black. Fermented. Not. Herbal, spices or flowers. Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Ayurvedic. Gingery. Minty. Rosebuds. Dried apples. Dried mandarin skins. You name it, I drink it. I even grow it! (Lemongrass, lemon verbena, cardamon leaves, kaffir lime leaves, parsley, thyme, sage, rosemary.)

(Oh, apologies to my Indian friends. In India, Tea is Tea – real, proper, genuine tea. Anything else is something else. Here, “tea” means something, anything, that is infused

Recipe: Roasted Capsicum, Tomato and Peanut Soup

It is truly Autumn now, in that Adelaide sort of way, where the cold blues of summer disappear and the warm rich tones of autumn gradually make their way into one’s heart. Leaves of yellow and red and brown. Ash white of garlic skins. Red of pears, brown of pears. Red and green of apples. Yellow of quinces, red of pomegranates. The palette of autumn is magnificent indeed when in its full glory. And the scents! Apples, quinces, autumn roses. The last of coriander. Bog sage blowing blue in the breeze. Onion flowers wafting around. Tomatoes, the last of, so very sweet and juicy in autumn without that