Recipe: How to Make Quince Paste

One of the best uses of quince there is, along with tangy quince jam!

Recipe: Two Rice Puddings

Who does not like a Rice Pud? There is something so comforting about them. I usually bake my first one for the year as cold weather sets in. I know that I have accepted the arrival of winter as soon as the first Rice Pudding is in the oven.

Recipe: Charles’ Coffee and Icecream Dessert

I met a whole heap of people during my time managing the old Food Matters site. Charles from Melbourne was one of those, and we corresponded regularly. Check his Coffee and Icecream Dessert.

Indian Essentials: How to Make a Sweet Dosa | Coconut Surnoli

Talking yesterday about Eliappe prompted @MoniBharadwaj (who is the daughter of one of the authors of Festivals of India) to remind me of Surnoli. Surnoli is a Konkani pikelet like dish made from fermented rice batter in a similar way to Eliappe. How wonderful to have two very similar dishes, from different parts of India.

Surnoli is a Kokani dish from Goa eaten for breakfast or as a tiffin or even for dinner. Yellow in colour, they have a puffy texture with holes and are