Recipe: How to Make Bechamel Sauce | White Sauce

Bechamel is a classic French sauce made from butter, flour, and milk, stock or wine, made to compliment the foods they are served with. Sauce Bechamel, a gorgeous creamy sauce, has a number of traditional variations. In addition (and every French person might turn in their grave over this) it is very common in parts…

Recipe: How to Make Perfect French Mashed Potatoes | Pomme Puree

While the English make their mashed potatoes from floury potatoes, the French use waxy potatoes, which give a thick, smooth, silky, flowing puree.

Ingredients: Shallots

Shallots are annual herbaceous plants. Underground bulbs comprise garlic-like cloves. Shallot bulbs contain a volatile oil, and are used as flavouring or seasoning agents. Shallots are used to ease stomach discomfort, and as antidiarrrhoeal, expectorant, diuretic and antiflu agents.