Recipe: Griddle Scones

  Have you heard of Girdle Scones? (Girdle is another name for a Griddle.) These scones are perfect for lazy weekends and camping holidays. They can be cooked inside, in or on a BBQ, or over an open camp file (as long as you can hang or support a griddle). They are delicious eaten warm…

Recipe: Singin’ Hinny | Stove Top Scones | Griddle Scones

My goodness, I did love this recipe, producing scone-like cakes that whistled and sang as they cooked on the griddle. In the early days of this century it was often to be found on The Table in The Kitchen, hot from the griddle and next to a large chunk of country butter.

Recipe: Bannocks | Scottish Girdle Oatcakes

As you know from reading this blog’s sister site, I have been blogging FOREVER! The time has come to record those old recipes. I am moving them over in their original form. No pictures, and as they were laid out on that ancient of sites. Today: Bannocks!