Ingredients: How to Make Vegetarian Dashi | Japanese Stock

Many Japanese soups and noodle dishes require dashi to make their stock, and this makes Japanese cooking difficult for vegetarians (the common dashi type contains dried bonito fish flakes). However, you may find that this simple recipe is sufficient to provide great broth and stock flavours for your Japanese cooking adventures. There are actually 5…

Ingredients: Know your Soy Sauces | Chinese, Japanese, Tamari, Shoyu, Light, Dark, Sweet

Soy sauce is a lot like wine. The longer it ages, the more interesting and complex its flavor. There are Chinese and Japanese Soy Sauces, rather different from each other. To add to the mix, there are light, dark and sweet soy sauces.

Ingredients: What are Bean Curd, Tofu and Tempeh?

Tofu is an ancient Chinese and Japanese product made from curdled soybean milk – the extract from yellow soy beans. It is made by pulping cooked soybeans, straining out the soy milk and then coagulating and pressing it in a process very similar to making cottage cheese.

Recipe: Silky Japanese Simmered Eggplant

This is one of those food things that is an absolute surprise! The sort of recipe you look for when you have that “too many eggplants in the fridge” feeling. They you find it is so yummy that it becomes a staple in the household and you rush out to plant your own huge eggplant patch!

Ingredients: The Wealth of Asian Noodles

Noodles used in Asian cooking may seem confusing at first because there are so many different shapes, thickness and lengths. They are also made from different ingredients and come dried or fresh.

Recipe: Japanese Eggplant with Mirin and Miso

If I had to pick a couple of favourite vegetables, it would be luscious juicy tomatoes, and any sort of eggplant. This recipe I concocted after eating something similar in Japanese restaurants.

Recipe: Kitsu Udon | Fox Noodles | Japanese

Traditionally this recipe is made with dashi stock, but for a vegetarian version, replace it with a stock made with a handful of dry mushrooms, added dried seaweed and some miso. It works so well. I LOVE THIS DISH.