Recipe: North African Carrot Dip with Cumin

This is one of the many recipes to do the rounds of family and friends, still popular after all these years. Quite surprising this little dip. Watch the amount of honey that you put in if you have carrots that are especially sweet.

Recipe: Green Bean Salad with Pecorino

I still make this salad in the warmer weather. Use fresh pecorino if you can get it, or the drier variety otherwise. Quite different textures, both are good.

Recipe: Roast Tomato Fresh Chutney | Roast Tomato Dip

This is an Indian style fresh chutney but very Anglicised. There was not much understanding of Indian food or Indian ingredients in the early 2000’s. These days I often whizz up a roasted or simmered tomato with a few spices. There is nothing better.