Ingredients: How to Make Flavoured Oils

Oils ain’t oils, so the old saying goes. It means that you should watch the quality of the oils that you buy. That saying was once often applied to oils for automobiles, but the same applys in the kitchen, right? On the kitchen bench there are so many oils — ghee of course, and some…

Recipe: Aglio e Olio | Pasta with Chilli and Olive Oil

Aglio e Olio (Pasta with Oil and Chilli)

This is still my 10-minutes-to-the-table dish. It is not only delicious but life saving when you need a meal and need it quickly. Add a green salad.

Recipe: Pesto in many forms

Pesto is one of those essentials, a perennial item in the fridge. Learn to play with it to vary textures and tastes.