Recipe: How to Make Asparagus Pesto

Isn’t it great that there are lots of ways to mush things together and the results taste spectacular? Soups, for example, smoothies, combination juices. The wonderful pesto and hummus. The wonderful mushing together of pastes, oils, nuts, seeds, cheeses, yoghurts, creams, fruits, herbs, spices and vegetables make for an endless variety of goodies. Even lentils…

Recipe: Pesto in many forms

Pesto is one of those essentials, a perennial item in the fridge. Learn to play with it to vary textures and tastes.

Recipe: How to Make Coriander Pesto

While Basil is the traditional ingredient for pesto, it can be made from a range of ingredients. Try it out with Coriander. And because pine nuts are so expensive at the moment, try it with cashews or hazelnuts.