Ingredients: Which Potatoes to Use in Australia

Broadly speaking, potatoes fall into two main categories, with flesh that is either floury or waxy in texture when cooked. In his encyclopaedia of kitchen science, McGee on Food and Cooking, US writer Harold McGee explains that floury potatoes are denser and have more dry starch in their cells. During cooking, they separate and become…

Potatoes in Australia

Potatoes in Australia are confusing. Firstly there is not a lot of difference between waxy, floury and all rounder varieties. Popular potato varieties grown in Australia are neither particularly waxy nor floury, not even the ones that we label as such. All rounders tend to sell better in the Australian market as a whole than…

Recipe: How to Make Perfect English Mashed Potato

When I need comfort food, mashed potato it is. Reminiscent of childhood large plates of mashed potato, buttery and herby, steaming hot from the pan and piled with other vegetables, it takes me back to days of large gardens, lazy days, and few cares.

Recipe: Aloo Gobi | Indian Cauliflower and Potato Curry

Moving onto Cauliflower, a vegetable I rarely write about.. This is a surprising dish from India. You look at the ingredients and cannot imagine how good the combination is. There is something quite magical in Aloo Gobi.

Recipe: Spinach, Potato and Feta Pie

Looking back on this recipe, I have no idea why I thought this was African Inspired. Or indeed, which part of Africa. But I do remember it was a pretty good pie. Enjoy!