Recipe: Two Ways to Make Quince Leather

Let’s get real about a couple of things. Fruit Leather is delicious.. Fruit Leathers can be made from scratch but are best made from leftover bits of fruit and juice from making pastes, jams, jellies, molasses, etc. And finally, and importantly, when you nibble on fruit leathers it is primarily fruit flavoured sugar. But then,…

Recipe: How to Make Dried Mango and Mango Fruit Leather

If you can buy mangoes by the box in peak season when they are at their cheapest, it is easy to dry them in a dehydrator to make sweet chewy snacks for the rest of the year. Two different snacks can be made at the same time. Slices of the mango cheeks are dried for…

Cooking: How to Freeze Okra

Okra piles up in Late Summer and Autumn – it is abundant and if you have your own plants there is more than you can eat. In the green grocers it is consistently cheap and plentiful, with my local green grocer having a large bin of it that is constantly restocked. One way to use…

Ingredients: How to Preserve Grape Vine Leaves

If you are a fan of the Greek dish dolmada (dolma) – stuffed grape leaves – or of baked vine leaves with cheese, you will be glad to know that you can easily preserve the young and tender vine leaves for cooking with throughout spring and summer. They won’t be salty, like the store-bought tins…

Indian Essentials : The Difference Between Vathal, Vadagam and Vadam

South India, especially Tamil Nadu, has a culture of drying vegetables, mixtures of lentils and spices, and pastes made from rice, sago and similar. This is sensible of course – it preserves summer produce for use throughout the year, and thus in leaner seasons they extend freshly available ingredients and provide additional taste and texture….

Apple Honey | Apple and Herb Jelly

Here, we don’t often think of making jams and jellies from apples. Today’s post has 2 ways of doing just that. Apple Honey is made from apple leftovers – cores and peels and seeds.

Recipe: Oven Dried Tomatoes

I have several variations for oven dried tomatoes. Here is first recipe that I ever used for making beautiful succulent intensely flavoured dried tomatoes. Enjoy!

Recipe: Strawberry Jam

There was a period of time that I made small amounts of strawberry jam often, using the microwave. It took about 10 mins or so to make, and was gorgeous. I made it in the middle of the night when I could not sleep, and when we grew our own strawberries.

Cooking: How to Preserve Tomatoes for Winter

It’s that time of year again when tomatoes are prolific and sweet tasting. As autumn emerges from under Summer’s cloudless skies and the heat of Ms Summer dissipates a little, tomatoes come into their own.

Recipe: How to Make Kimchi for Vegetarians

Oh the subtle beauty of the Cooper Basin in the remote areas of South Australia! Not so subtle is Kim Chi, that Korean staple!

You can still make Kim Chi if you are vegetarian. It’s an amazing dish, and I try to make it often, to snack on and add to dishes.

You can make kim chi at any time of the year, from a whole range of vegetables including cabbage, daikon radish, watermelon radish, turnip, carrot, fennel, cucumbers. Mix and match.