Kerala Spice Mix

I am not a great fan of pre-mixed curry powder, preferring to mix and grind them as needed. However, sometimes you want to elicit the flavours of a region without  following a traditional recipe. In such cases, it is a perfect time to roast and grind spices into a powder and mix with ingredients. For…

Indian Essentials: What is Tamarind?

Used extensively in Sth Indian and SE Asian cooking, the brittle, dark brown pod of the tamarind tree, a tall shade tree, contains a sour fleshy pulp that adds a pungent, sour, lemony sourness to many dishes.

Recipe: Goan Bisibelebath

  Bisibelebath (also spelt Bisi Bele Bath), meaning hot lentil rice, is a much loved dish of the Karnataka and surrounding regions of South India. In form, it is similar to a kitchari (rice and lentils cooked together), but more like a variant of a mixed vegetable Sambar with Rice (Sadam Sambar) as it has tamarind…

Recipe: Cabbage Thoran

Thorans are so easy and quick, stir fried vegetables with spices, Indian style. I love them a lot. This one makes cabbage taste like a royal vegetable.