How to Make Eggless Mayo from Milk

I have a recipe from my Mum for an eggless mayonnaise that is made from condensed milk. It is pretty gorgeous, and I love it. There is also a cream based dressing that can be used in many cases as a replacement for egg based mayo. Even this Yoghurt based dressing will substitute for mayo….

Common Rices of India

There are hundreds varieties of rice grown around the world. Rice is a staple in India, Asia, Middle East and parts of the Mediterranean. Yet, for all this, few know of the different types of rice. Rice originated in India, and it is first mentioned in the Yajur Veda (c. 1500-800 BC) and then is…

Ingredients: How to Make Vegetarian Dashi | Japanese Stock

Many Japanese soups and noodle dishes require dashi to make their stock, and this makes Japanese cooking difficult for vegetarians (the common dashi type contains dried bonito fish flakes). However, you may find that this simple recipe is sufficient to provide great broth and stock flavours for your Japanese cooking adventures. There are actually 5…

Ingredients: How to Preserve Grape Vine Leaves

If you are a fan of the Greek dish dolmada (dolma) – stuffed grape leaves – or of baked vine leaves with cheese, you will be glad to know that you can easily preserve the young and tender vine leaves for cooking with throughout spring and summer. They won’t be salty, like the store-bought tins…

Recipe: How to Dry Capsicums

Dried capsicums are so sweet and intensely flavoured. You can snack on them, or add them to soups, sauces, risottos, vegetable stews, and curries.