Recipe: How to Make Quince Leather

Let’s get real about a couple of things. Fruit Leather is delicious.. Fruit Leathers can be made from scratch but are best made from leftover bits of fruit and juice from making pastes, jams, jellies, molasses, etc. And finally, and importantly, when you nibble on fruit leathers it is primarily fruit flavoured sugar. But then,…

Recipe: Autumn Freezing and Easy Preserving for Winter Use

Now is the time to be freezing the last of Summer produce so that you can continue to use them in winter.  We adore all sorts of pastes and purees suitable for freezing that we can drop into Winter stews, coat Wintery pasta dishes, bubble in Winter Soups and chop into all sorts of dishes….

Ingredients: Bitter Greens: Radicchio

Well, Radicchio is not exactly green, rather it is a colourful member of the chicory family. It is an offspring of the weeds that used to grow around the Mediterranean. Radicchio is a specialty of the area around Venice in Italy. Radicchio is most popularly used outside of Italy in salads, but it can also…

Spices: Dried Curd/Yoghurt Chillies of Kerala

Dried Curd Chillies have been marinated in curd/yoghurt on and off for several days, to absorb the yoghurt, and then dried in the sun. The yoghurt tempers some of the spicy heat of the chillies, and they develop a tangy, yogurty flavor. They are commonly eaten alongside the dishes that form a meal, like a pickle,…

Spices: Talni Mirchi | Dried Stuffed Chillies

Talni Mirchi are dried chillies from Maharashtra. They are first stuffed with fenugreek and perhaps other spices, perhaps soaked in curd or yoghurt, and dried in the sun. To use them, they are deep fried or sauteed very briefly, then crumbled over dishes or eaten alongside the dishes that form a meal. They can also…

Ingredients: Try these Types of Pasta

Are you stuck in a pasta routine? Spaghetti, fettuccine, macoroni? And not much variation outside of these?  Then I recommend that you locate a great Italian grocer and experiment with other pasta types. Here are some smaller, shaped pastas to begin with.

Ingredients: How to Make a Deeply Flavoured Coconut-Curry Stock

Stocks are so important to the success of many dishes, but if you cook constantly with herbs and spices, it is easy to throw one together as needed. In the past I would always have a freezer full of vegetable stock, but these days I prefer the stocks made with the ingredients on my kitchen…

Ingredients: How to Make Malay Curry Powder

While India does not have a “curry powder”, it does have a range of masalas and podis that are used in specific ways or with specific dishes. For example, chole masala, chaat masala and garam masala. Not so in the Indian community of Malaysia. Influenced by Malaysian cuisine, curry powder is a common staple in…

Recipe: How to Make Italian Pizza Dough

This recipe was given to me by Ilyse, who used to have the most amazing Italian food blog, Lucullian Delights. It works every time. We have other Pizza dough recipes here. Or explore all of our Pizza recipes here. Our Italian recipes are here and here. Browse all of our Tomato recipes here and here….

Recipe: How to Make Perfect English Mashed Potato

When I need comfort food, mashed potato it is. Reminiscent of childhood large plates of mashed potato, buttery and herby, steaming hot from the pan and piled with other vegetables, it takes me back to days of large gardens, lazy days, and few cares.

Recipe: Cabbage, Cheese and Pasta Bake

It might be the wrong time of the year in Australia for this, but not in Europe! Or Nth Asia! Or Nth America! Cabbage and Carbs always go well together.